The 4th IEA
International Research Conference
Call for Proposals



You are invited to submit a proposal for the IRC-2010 conference based on one of the following thematic strands:

Each proposal should report secondary/in-depth analysis research results of the IEA studies.

Criteria for Acceptance of the Proposals


Each proposal will be reviewed anonymously by two independent reviewers according to the following criteria:

  1.   Clarity of study purposes
  2.   Significance of study
  3.   Clarity of theoretical framework
  4.   Appropriateness of statistical techniques/analysis
  5.   Reference to and use of data sources
  6.   Presentation of results
  7.   Interpretation of results
  8.   Originality of research
  9.   Overall quality
  10.   Organization, structure and language of paper

The submitted proposal should include a maximum of 1,000 words (excluding references). Proposals too long or too short will be refused without review. The proposal should explicitly deal with as many of the following sections as are applicable, preferably in this order:

  1. purpose(s);
  2. educational or academic significance of the study;
  3. perspective(s) or theoretical framework;
  4. methods, techniques, and/or modes of inquiry;
  5. data sources; and
  6. results and/or conclusions/point of view.

The proposal should include a short abstract (no more than 250 words) and a list of keywords (no more than five). IRC-2010 accepts individual proposals only. An individual proposal involves a single presentation or paper, but it may have one or more authors. Once the paper is accepted, it will be entered into the preliminary program.


The IRC-2010 Center will accept files in the MS Word format following the IEA Style Guide requirements (available from the IEA webpage at The proposals should be free of any reference to the proposal's authors. In separate file please submit the following information:

Full Paper Submission


If the proposal is accepted, a full paper should be submitted. The full paper is also required to follow IEA Style Guide requirements. The paper:

Authors of the best papers presented at the conference might be invited to have their work published in the IERI Monograph Series (see:

Time Schedule

Proposal submission:

15 November 2009

Decision about approval/rejection of the proposal:  

15 February 2010

Full paper submission:

  1 June 2010